Who Are We?

Biskits is a company started by two creative minded individuals, with a passion for everything DIY. Designers by trade, our passions collided and something beautiful was born, a collaborative effort between two people who share the same vision. Born out of a love for the festive season, our first Biskits took the theme of Christmas. We are very excited to share more with you, so watch this space carefully.

What Are Biskits?

Our Biskits are all hand packed with love and filled with only the best ingredients ready for you to make the easiest biscuits of your life. Each kit comes with all the dry ingredients premixed, icing sugar, sprinkles and a cookie cutter – all themed to the season. We also include easy to follow instructions as well as some icing ideas to keep the creativity flowing. All you have to do is bake, and never forget the secret ingredient is always love.